Civil Servants Mobility Program

The Civil Servants Mobility Program (CSMP) is the experience sharing instrument for civil servants from the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkan countries. The main objective of the CSMP is to share the experience and the best practices through organizing of the study visits in the V4 countries. The visits are focused on the past and recent experience in the implementation of the sectoral reforms and harmonisation of the national legislation with the EU legislation with a specific focus on the very concrete topic of the visit. Representatives of the governments and their agencies, public institutions, as well as regional and/or local government participate in study visits.


At the same time, this instrument contributes to strengthening personal capacities of the state and public administration and local self-government in partner countries.  It also serves as the networking tool, widening and deepening the contacts of V4 civil servants and experts with representatives of state bodies and institutions in partner countries. As a rather flexible instrument, it responds to the specific requirements of the partner countries and adjusts program of the individual study stays accordingly.


The study visits help to open or develop an expert dialogue of partner institutions and organizations. Personal meetings of experts during study visits and sharing of professional experience helped to initiate long-term formal and informal partnerships across the state administration, public administration, territorial self-government, as well as non-governmental, academic and private sectors in V4 and partner countries.


The program is organized by consortium Think Visegrad – V4 Think Tank Platform and funded by International Visegrad Fund. All visit take place simultaneously in all V4 countries. Since 2014, 217 civil servants and experts from Ukraine, 37 from North Macedonia, 35 civil servants from Albania, 28 from Georgia, 27 from Moldova, 21  from Kosovo, 21 from Bosnia and Herzegovina,  20 from Montenegro and 12  from Serbia participated in this project to date (12/2023).


* Due to the COVID-19 pandemics was 2021 CSMP edition canceled.


The 2023 edition of the CSMP hosted Civil Servants from Albania, Moldova and Ukraine. In 2024, Think Visegrad consortium will host Civil Servants from Montenegro, Kosovo and Ukraine.


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