Fellowship Policy Papers

Download Policy Papers delivered by non-V4 expert fellows within the Think Visegrad Fellowship.


Eoin Micheál McNamara: Facilitation or Complication? The Visegrád Four and the Security of NATO’s “Eastern Flank”



Valeriy Semikashev: Analysis of the prospects and risks of cooperaction between Russia and the Visegrad Four countries


Anke Schmidt-Felzmann: The commercial deals connected with Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2


Gentiola Madhi: Western Balkans in the loop Reshaping regional cooperation in times of uncertainty


Sebastian Schäffer: Towards-a-new-model-for-European-governance


Muhammad Mohiuddin: Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement_Muhammad


Ruth Ferrero-Turrión: Facing Migration Flows in the EU The Cases of Spain and the Czech Republic


Alex Nice: Brexit Scenarios and the Economic Implications for the Visegrad Four


Mihai Mogildea: The Visegrad Group – A regional integration model for advancing the Europeanization process in Central and Eastern Europe



Hennadiy Maksak: V4+Ukraine security cooperation: limits of possible (Ukrainian perspective) [PDF]


Piotr Rudkouski: Soft Belarusianisation. The ideology of Belarus in the era of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict [PDF]


Nicolas Bouchet:


Andrei YeliseyeuBelarusian shrimps anyone? How EU food products make their way to Russia through Belarus [PDF]


Ruben Elamiryan: Eastern Partnership Countries on the Crossroads of the Eurasian Integration Processes [PDF]


Michael Eric Lambert: Russian smart power at work in the Eastern Partnership [PDF]


Urban Jakša:


Sergiy Gerasymchuk: Russian Non-linear Warfare in Ukraine and Moldova: Lessons for Visegrad Countries [PDF]